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19 July 2008 @ 06:42 pm
  Meeeeehhh...I feel really tired all of the sudden.

 But, in better news, my new layout is here! It's kind of different than what I wanted because it's not An Cafe or Miyavi, but it's Haido. 0____0 I have no clue who that is, does anyone? I didn't really care, because I just like the way it looks. It reminded me of a cafe. And, thank you, Stickee-chan, I figured it out. ^-^ Haha!

 Also...I've been wanting to see Italy alot more lately. I think the language is so pretty---and Milan!! I really want to go there because-big surprise-the clothes!! Ahhh, it would be so cool. I can't wait to go to college! Speaking of which, I chose which one I really want to go to----> http://www.fashion.arts.ac.uk/
 It is my new dream. XD Hahaha! I really hope I can, but I'll need lots of scholarships. (`-___-`) But, they do have an exchange student program, and I am! T~T

 I will also be putting up some new pictures I've drawn. They'll probably be 2 of my finished pieces, a bunch of scribbles, and some clothes I've sketched out. Nothing extraordinary. But, one of my 2 finished pieces (by which I mean I've colored them/penned them/or I would hang them up) looks like an Abercrombie & Fitch model. XD I didn't mean for that to happen, it was supposed to be a study on fabric folds. And then I just gave him hair and a face and thought, "Uwah, he's so pretty."

 Hmm. I should go run now. I never explained (to Lit-san. XD) why I like exercising. It's because if I didn't, I would be fat. -_- It's obvious...but, I'm a quarter Mexican, and everyone should know how bad Mexican food is for you. My mom makes it alot, and it's really good. >-< But, I kind of don't like it as much anymore, because it always hurt my stomach, and now-No Meat! So I can't really. But, I still love quesadillas. ^o^

 And, don't imagine me tan and with black hair, because I'm not. XD I kind of wish I was, because I like being Mexican for some reason. It's not like I'm really involved with my culture, but I am overly-proud of it, heh.
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18 July 2008 @ 09:57 pm
 Yeah. I made Apple Crumble Croustades. They are yummy!

 Anyway. Today, me and my dad and my sister went to the mall. XD And people need to learn that I will always find SOMETHING to buy at the mall. We went to H&M and Forever 21, and I got 2 scarfs (I almost spelled that as Skarves. XD), a really baggy sweater thing, a white sweatshirt, and 2 t-shirt thingies. XD My sister got one shirt. I tried to get her stuff, but she just doesn't like my style. Hahaha!

 Lit-san! Be expecting some text messages. XD You'll know it's me, I'll just say hi it's Katana-chan. I hope I don't wake you up or anything. -_-'

 ummm...I need to look for a layout for this thing. -_- I'm so lame. Sigh. So now I'm going to look for smexy An Cafe pictures and then go to bed. XD  

 Oh, yeah! Me and my sister watched Will&Grace last night. XD It was so funny. We were so tired, we felt drunk. And, we also watched that Ace of Cakes show, and I thought, "Oh, goodness, Geof is cute." XD You should watch it if you haven't, it's on Food Network.

 And, there is this hilarious gay guy, Carson Kressley, on TV right now. I want to meet him. I love gay guys, I want a gay best friend, it would be awesome.

 And, lastly, I still can't believe how cute Yuuki is.

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17 July 2008 @ 02:04 pm

 I think I'm going to cry! Lit-san...thank you so much! I went to that Kinokuniya Bookstore's website you told me about, and I looked up An Cafe, and they have the Europe de Nyappy photobook!!! *dances* And then I looked up Miyavi, and they have a bunch of DVD's and a couple CD's and a photobook (which I don't know if my mom would let me get it, b/c of the cover. XD)!!!! Here are the two covers, I really want them...T-T

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17 July 2008 @ 10:27 am
 Let's see how long this takes...I'm bored, so...

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16 July 2008 @ 06:06 pm
  I will try and make this short....I'm making sukiyaki for dinner!! Vegetarian style. ^-^ Tooofuuuuu!

 This summer reading project is killing me...if anyone cares, the books I had to read were "The Reluctant Fundamentalist" and "Escape from Slavery." Both bad, but the last one isn't really I suppose...

 I also want to say...Sorry! I feel bad not commenting so much as I used to, but I do read as many as I can, believe me! My friends page I mean. Sigh...there is no time in the day anymore. I feel so busy doing nothing. My schedule is like wake up by at most 9:30...eat...free time for 5 hours...dinner...run and EXERCISE! haha...and then more free time and by that it's almost eleven. I used to be a morning person (not meaning I was in a good mood) but now I'm going to the dark side. Maybe I won't ever sleep like Lit-san. XD I don't think I'm capable, I'm kind of a baby...

 And, I love my icon! That was probably my favorite part of all their music videos with Bou. T-T Poor Kanon and Teruki being rejected. It was so cute though!!

 And, I got my friend to be a Bou fan! Not like it was hard, but she likes him. ^-^

 And lastly...I think I might get that Vivienne Westwood ring!! *spazz* My dad said he would, and I am holding him accountable until I get that ring! And now I don't know what to ask for for my  S`W`E`E`T` S`I`X`T`E`E`N`!! 

Just kidding, of course I do! *ancafeancafeancafeancafe* But, that's not until January, sooo. XD Haha, okay I'm done.
12 July 2008 @ 06:25 pm
  Ugh, I haven't posted in forever...sigh. What have I done...?

 Oh yeah! We're going to New York city soon! Soon, as in, August. Heh. I'm so excited! I hope my mom buys me stuff. -_-' I really want to go to this store called Aloha Rag. Go to the website!! They have designer Japanese clothes. >-< Ahhhhh! I hope it's not TOO expensive. But, on vacations, my mom gets all, "Just use the credit card, who cares?" That's why she has 10 Coach bags.

 Now I'm happy that I know where to get that ring! *Kanon Fangirling* I'm still surprised it was Vivienne Westwood. I would wear it everyday...I was also happy that me and Kanon-sama have something in common, hahaha. I just wish Vivienne Westwood wasn't so hard to get here.

 I wanted orange knickers she made. >~< They were awesome, but like $600! Oh well...


 I hope I can be a good designer. I've sketched some stuff already. I did a mod dress, if anyone cares. -_- I named it "Playground." Actually, I think I put it up somewhere on my journal. *deflates*

 Well, bye.
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06 July 2008 @ 03:59 pm

I need help on re-doing my journal decorations. Heh. I can't do it! I don't know what to do. I was going to investigate, but now I'm rethinking, because we're about to have a thunderstorm. ^_____________^ Yay!! But, it's getting loud. So, I'll hurry this up...

Last night, my family and I went to the mall! Woo! I actually went to H&M and got some really cool stuff. I'll try to put pictures or something, but my favorite thing I got there was this poofy-ish rain coat that looks like a gray, longer version of that jacket Miyavi has on in "Jibun Kakumei." Is that why I got it? Youbetcha. It's so fun. I also got this black sweaterish shirt with white stripes on it and a short sleeve gray trutleneck. Even though it is summer. I was mad though, I almost got my first loli-style jacket. It was white and short and had these ruffles with big black buttons. It was adorable. >-< Too expensive though. And, now that I think about it, I've never posted any of my clothes before. Maybe I should. I have alot though. XD It's odd, I have changed my style like 5 times in a year. Now, I think it's a bit more contemporary with some VK thrown in. XD

I also got two new bento. ^-^ Cinnamaroll and Pandapple. And a HK chopstick holder. Yay, I really needed one. Sigh...

This summer has sucked. Basically. I really hope we get out of town soon, I need a vacation from my vacation.

ANNNNNDDD!! They're making a Last Friends movie!!! I had a fangasm when I heard that.

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06 July 2008 @ 03:50 pm
Haha I thought this was kind of funny. I have two husbands. XP

LiveJournal Username
MikuYour husband
TakuyaYour brother
KanonYour husband
YuukiYour uncle
TerukiYour grandfather
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28 June 2008 @ 10:32 pm

I realized the other day that I've never used a Kanon icon. That's too mean of me!! I thought I should-how you say-represent. (o-_-)' Well, I feel better about it now. I think my sister's in love with him. Oh well! At least she can't cosplay! Then we'd have a problem.

And-this is my first time asking! I think I need adviiice...*(>3<)* My friend is a really bad one. She never talks to me. I think it's Story Time. So I had told her how she never wants to do anything with me. What an excuse train that started. I do not admire myself for my confrontation tactics. They definately don't get me anywhere. She told me that she's nervous and that she gets anxious in public settings and that she's having medical problems. I just stood there (it was on the phone) and screamed, "WHAAAAT THE FUCK?!!!!!??!!!" in my head. Medical problems? That doesn't explain her lack of concern. Not like I'm thinking, "Why doesn't she think of me?" But, I'm always trying to talk to her and do things. And she NEVER does. It's really painful. Someone help me. (oT~T)"

Oh, I made my first bento. My mom's friend got me and my sister a ton of cool Japanese stuff! I feel five. We got three bentos, they're all pretty. One says Green House really big underneath a watering can watering huge flowers. And under that it says, "The sparkling water grows the fresh vegetables in the green house." That made me laugh. Another says," It is so wonderful to be able to maintain your dreams!" XD Who thinks of this stuff?

It really is a dilemma, though, being vegetarian. I can't make meatballs for my bento. It sounds fun. That's what my sister's for, I suppose, to eat all the meat stuff I want to cook but can't eat. Protein links are really good though. I almost cried eating it.

And, I really like cooking now. I think I can finally do it! My maternal skills are kicking in and I don't even need them...but, I liked my frittata I made.

Yeah...I should sleep now. 10:46 doesn't seem so late, but I can never get up early anymore. I need to start running everyday again. `(=+=)'

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17 June 2008 @ 10:04 am
Wow, isn't Japan the best?